Try something new Tuesday!

I found this really neat website that allows you to create harmony, beat box, and accapella (no instruments behind the vocals). Harmony is adding a second part to what your melody or first voice (the main line of music) is doing. When another voice comes in singing the same words, but different tune that is HARMONY! It meshes together beautifully to create another piece of music.

Linked for you: Play around with it. You first choose your song mix, then you will have 4 different colors that you drag up to dress the characters to their beat. You can add up to 7 different voices doing something different. You can download the app too if you are using an iPad.

So you can keep practicing for Sing Along Wednesday here is the link to He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands. **I will add in my specific ones during the sing along so pay attention 😉

You can send me a clip of you trying out the Incredibox by e-mailing me

I hope you have a great Tuesday!

-Mrs. Haas