May the 4th be with you!….and with your spirit! 🙂

Ok…so a little Star Wars humor and Catholic humor balled up in one day!

Today, I would like for you to enjoy the great music of John Williams. I am going to post the Imperial March from Star Wars. It is the Main Theme song. Throughout the whole movie each character has their own theme, these are called Leitmotifs. For example, Princess Leia has her theme, Yoda has a theme.


Find a beat stick, it could be a pool noodle, wooden spoon, maybe you have your own lightsaber at home! Anything to keep the beat.

Then same song, change your movements every time you hear the music change wave your arms up and down, bend your knees, side twist, superman, hop up and down, squat, march, move your arms in circles.

Grades 3-5

Below you will find a link to a lesson and Star Wars Rap worksheet.  Give yourself 4 beats to a measure. (Remember: 2 eighth notes=1 beat Try to use only quarter notes and eighth notes so not to confuse yourself! Quarter notes are only worth 1 beat!)

For fun! See if you can pick out the themes in this great rendition from the Piano Guys playing a cello!

Have a great day! Miss you all!

-Mrs. Haas