Since the leaves and temperatures have fallen it is time for the return of the basketball hoops in the gym.  YEAH!! We will be learning about the game James Naismith invented. Where the game originated, the rules of the game and its strategies.  We will also learn the techniques of dribbling, passing and shooting the basketball.

In addition to basketball, the students will maintain their fitness with jump rope, tag games and relay races.  I also loving doing the Thanksgiving relay with each class.  We will learn to set the table using equipment from my gym.  Hula hoop for a plate, scarf for a napkin, rubber chicken , noodle and other items that represent the traditional foods for Thanksgiving.

I am providing the information for the Drumstick Dash.  I love seeing all the Sacred Heart Families participate every year.  This year we will not be at the Drumstick Dash, we have decided to support the Mountaineers in Texas for Thanksgiving.


Drumstick Dash!!!!