April 2, 2020 Music

Hello boys and girls! Happy Thursday! I hope you enjoyed the sing-along! The Haas family had a great time putting that together for you all! I can’t wait to put another one together for after the break!

Today in Music! Everyone will use the Caterpillar Ostinato sheet, but the difficulty will be based upon your grade level! Check it out!

Preschool– will still be working on ostinatos- a repeating pattern. Today you will do body percussion. One quarter note (big brother quarter note) gets one beat. When you see the “sister eighth notes” its going to go quicker. When you get through the whole page repeat it.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade- Remember the ostinato is a repeating pattern. Try the exercise that is on the sheet. Repeat it all the way through. Quarter note gets one beat, sister eighth notes get one beat they just split the beat to go quicker. After you have repeated the exercise come up with your own body percussion lines like the caterpillar. It could be pat, stomp, snap, clap, clicking tongue. You name it! Have fun and send me any creations you come up with!


3rd-5th Grade– Try the exercise on the paper using body percussion and repeat through the whole page. We’re using quarter note and eighth notes. For your extension I would like you to try to pick 2-3 instruments that you would have for each line. If you have an instrument at home (example piano, drum, xylophone, shaker) Play the rhythms out that you come up with. You can also replace the body part you use for just that instrument and play that line. I’d love to see what you come up with!

Song of the Week: Jesus Remember Me

Have a great day!

-Mrs. Haas


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April 1, 2020 Music

Happy April Fool’s Day Everyone!

Today is going to be about movement in the preschool! You will need a beanbag or some form of a toy that you balance on your body. We’ve done this song before, but I want you to see if you can find the repeating patterns and have fun with it!( Parents, you have to go to the 14:49 mark in the video. There is also the bear hunt song right before if you think your child would like to do that one too!)


K-5 Song of the Week Jesus Remember Me 


Composer of the Week: Johannes Brahms, a composer from Germany, but wrote many what? He was known to write what kind music? He later followed in the footsteps of one of Fr. Don’s favorite composers. Who is/was that? Have fun listening to Brahms’ movement and see if you can complete some of the activities on the sheet!

Send me anything you want me to see!

Have a wacky Wednesday everyone!

Mrs. Haas

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March 31, 2020 Music

Good morning! I hope you all are getting off to a great week! I hope you were able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful days we’ve been having!

We are going to continue with our ostinato songs this week either doing movement, body percussion, and singing. If you missed the explanation video go to Monday’s page to check that out!

Preschool: Your song today is movement with repeating each section, but the movement changes each time! Have fun!

Kindergarten-2nd Yesterday, you had a body percussion activity, today you will dive deeper into a song with vocals and movement. It’s called a “Ram Sam Sam,” while it starts slow so you can catch on it speeds up to make the ostinato fun!

3rd-5th Grade Yesterday, you may have created a melody using the Chrome Music Lab. Today, we are going to go a different direction and move into movement. I want you to use the Cardio Bucket Drumming and create your own movement to one of the songs. It only has to be a section of the song, like the refrain. Think of it as the refrain is the only part of the song. I would love to see what you came up with! Use this video below to use the rhythms provided. It just needs some movement instead of sitting to play!

K-5 Song of the Week!! Jesus Remember Me

Have a wonderful day everyone! Please send me your activities

Miss you all,

Mrs. Haas

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March 30, 2020 Music

Good Monday Morning boys and girls!

Song of the Week for K-5 is Jesus Remember Me. It is an ostinato refrain that repeats and is very catchy for you to be able to pray with eventually. When we don’t have to think about the words and music we can let songs touch our hearts and minds!

The theme this week is practicing OSTINATOS! What is an ostinato you may ask? Watch this video to find out more! Then go down below for your assignment.


Preschool in your video you have a song that repeats and it also has motions that you can learn!

Kindergarten-2 Please use this body percussion ostinato video to put the ostinato pattern to practice! This is rhythmic. Throughout the week we will use our voices, bodies, and an instrument to play ostinatos!


3rd- 5th Grade After you watch the ostinato video I would like for you to practice the melody maker on Chrome Music Lab. Your melody will be unique to what you would like it to sound like. High and low pitches, repeated pitches is what will make it beautiful! Have fun!


Send me clips or pictures of any of the fun activities you try! I hope you all are doing well!

All the best,

Mrs. Haas

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March 26, 2020 Music

Good morning boys and girls!

Today will be your last day for this week to complete assignments. Today is dance and movement with music day!


K-4 try this cardio bucket drumming video! What you will need is a bucket, ball, and some form of sticks to use (ends of spoons work well) This will be good practice with all the rhythm activities you have been working on! Hope you have a Ghostbuster kind of a day!

5th grade please work on your cardio drumming activities today!





Have a fantastic day everyone! Don’t forget to send me pictures or clips of you enjoying your activities!

All the best,

Mrs. Haas

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March 25, 2020

Happy Feast of the Annunciation!

May we all share in prayer today with an “Our Father” and also continue singing Holy is Your Name.

Preschool Activity today: “Five Green and Speckled Frogs”

Today’s activity includes some Science and Math! Frogs come from a group called amphibians and their bodies are the same temperature as the air and water around them! What color are frogs? Have you seen one? Where do they live? Have you ever seen one on a log? Use your hands to hold up 5 and then change the number of fingers you hold up as the song goes on.


Kindergarten- 2nd Grade

Use the following website to play the game Match the Rhythm. It will play the rhythm first for you and then you have to click to see if you can match it back! See how many you can match!

3rd -5th Grade

Johann Sebastian Bach would have had his 335th Birthday just this past Saturday on March 21st! Happy Belated Birthday to Bach! Today we are going to learn about Bach and the Concerto Grosso! Find out what this all means more in this activity. Listen to the Brandenburg Concerto and draw what you think you hear! Send me any pictures of you completing the activity and having fun!

Have a blessed day everyone!

-Mrs. Haas

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March 24, 2020 Music

Good Tuesday morning!

Today, 1st-5th please continue listening to Holy is Your Name by David Haas link here:

Rhythm practice for Preschool and Kindergarten clap with the video


Rhythm practice for 1st- 5th Level 2 You can clap, pat, or find something that you can play the rhythms with.

You can always send me pictures of you doing the activities or videos!

Have a great day!

All the best,

Mrs. Haas

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March 23, 2020 Music

Week 2: E-Days! Monday, March 23, 2020

We will start with Preschool this week! Choose something in your house with permission from your parents to count. You will need 8 of the item. In my video I chose pom-poms. You can use eight Barbie dolls, cars, let your imagination go! We are counting 8 in the song for a reason: counting measures in music. 4 beats in each measure of music! It’s important that we count this timing out. So get your item ready and have some fun with Mrs. Haas!


Below you will find a PDF packet of worksheets. I would like you to complete Page 4 Spin and Notate the bunny roll and fill in the notes on the lines and spaces. Practicing those lines and spaces remember go from bottom line to top line Every Good Boy Does Fine. and Spaces spell FACE.  PDF- Preview attachment Music Eday 1.pdf

Music Eday 1.pdf
1.5 MB
Snap a picture back to me
1st- 5th Grade Song of the week. On Wednesday, March 25 we will celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation. This is when the Angel Gabriel came to Mary to tell her that she was going to have a son, Jesus. We celebrate Mary, Mother of God, in a lot of different feast days throughout the Church year. This song will be brought to our masses as one of the Marian hymns we will sing, either this year or in the future.
Holy is Your Name
What kinds of instruments do you hear throughout this song and what instrument do you think was a solo feature instrument? Hint: Something to make it sound like it came from Ireland:)
Send me in e-mail
5th Grade Cardio Bucket Drumming Continued…
Keep practicing the videos
Challenge this week: See if you can come up with moves of your own that fit to the beat! Share with me!
Alright everyone! I hope you have a great start to your week! Check back with me daily, I will have a music break for you! Any questions or concerns, please e-mail me!
All the best,
Mrs. Haas


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March 19, 2020 Music

Good morning boys and girls! Happy Spring!! I love all the videos of the “Lord I Need You” song! Keep them coming, they brighten my day SO much!!

Today I have set up a brain break of dancing for you found here Pick one!

Also take a look at this great article and activity to learn about one of the greatest composers, Antonio Vivaldi. Why was he called the “Red Priest?” His title from “The Four Seasons” movement Spring is one of my favorite pieces to teach about and listen to!

Extra**Draw a picture of what Spring looks like to you while you listen to Antonio’s Spring.


Have a great day everyone!

Mrs. Haas

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March 18, 2020 Music

Hi boys and girls! Today in Music I’d like for you to get up and move to your favorite song. Use the pause button on your remote and you can make an instant freeze game for yourself! Hope you keep singing as well! I would love to see any clips of you singing or having fun with music! Please send them to me! –

Boys and girls in K-5 great websites to check out for extra time or music practice. (I will be assigning different activities from here!) (Make a melody, make rhythm patterns, play piano, song makers, and MORE! I will also be assigning from here as well!) (Instruments, music, composers and more!) (Pre-k and K Music) (Music and movement songs for Pre-K and K)

Have a great Wednesday everybody!

Many blessings,

Mrs. Haas

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