Dear Soon-to-be First Graders,


We cannot wait to meet you!  We hope you are having a wonderful summer full of adventures!  Our favorite adventures come from reading and First Graders should be using books in some way everyday.  You can read them, someone can read to you, you can look at pictures and make up the stories, the possibilities are endless!


When you are working on your BINGO board, you do not need to work alone.  You can read to complete the square or have someone read to you!  


Happy Summer and Happy Reading!



The First Grade Teachers



Name _____________________________________

Summer Reading BINGO!


Read a book in your bed

Read a book with a flashlight Read a book while wearing a costume Read a book while wearing a bathing suit Read a book to a stuffed animal

Read a recipe

Read a book in a fort Read a book in your closet Read a book to someone else Read a silly book


Read a nonfiction book

Read a magazine Read your favorite book Read for 20 minutes Read outside


Read in your room

Read in the family room Read while having a snack Read under a table Read in your pajamas

Read a fairy tale

Read to someone on the phone Read in the bathtub Read in a silly voice Read a book about animals


Try to get 5 in a row as many ways as you can!  Can you fill up the whole board??


Return when school begins for a special surprise (you must have 5 in a row 2 different ways to earn the surprise!)


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