4th Grade Newsletter

January 23rd – January 27th

Religion – Chapter 11: The Third Commandment       Open Book Test on Friday

Reading – Story:  The Man Who Named the Clouds        Test on Thursday

                   Skills:  Graphic Sources

                   Vocabulary:  apprentice, atmosphere, chemical, club, essay, manufacturing, pressure, scales

English –  Continue Chapter 4: Adjectives

          **Article Adjectives(a, an, the)          **Demonstrative Adjectives(this, that, these, those)

         **Adjectives that tell how many (nine, several….)          

Math – Lessons 64-67                 Test on Wednesday

         **Division          **Similar and Congruent          **Multiplying by Multiples of 10

Spelling –            Test on Friday

watched, watching, danced, dancing, studied, studying,  stopped, stopping, dried, drying, happened, happening, noticed, noticing, robbed, robbing, slipped, slipping, hurried, hurrying

Social Studies – Continue Chapter 8: The Midwest

**Reminder: Midwest States & Capitals test is on Jan. 31st

Science – Complete our Zoology Unit     

  Invertebrate Research Paper Due on Monday 1/30  – Students will get the paper on Mon.       

     **Classifying Animals According to What They Eat

     **Describing How Animals Get Energy


Mon., Jan. 23rd- 4B MAP Testing

Wed., Jan. 25th – 4th Grade Eats in Classroom (Pack a lunch from home.  Please, No Microwaveable Foods)

Fri., Jan. 27th – Popcorn Day – Free