4th Grade Newsletter

May 8th – May 12th

Religion:  Chapter 18:  The Seventh Commandment    Test on Wednesday

Begin Chapter 19:  The Eighth Commandment


Reading:  The Lemonade War   No Test This Week

Comprehension Activities in Class


English:  Adverbs and Conjunctions     Test on Friday May 12th

**Using ‘Good vs. Well;  Negative words

**Coordinating Conjunctions


Spelling:    Test on Friday

business, cheapest, competition, economics, expensive, franchise, global, lemonade, loss, management, profit, underselling, venture, negotiation, rivalry, crisis, joint, slump, inflation, location

Math:  Lessons 109 – 110    Test on Thursday

**Equivalent Fractions       **Dividing by Multiples of 10

**Investigation #11:  Volume


West Virginia History:  Chapter 3:  Early West Virginia   No Test This Week


Science:   Continue Our Energy Unit    Test on Thursday

**Identifying Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Resources



Mon., May 8th:  Kanawha Co. Public Library Field Trip