4th Grade News

March 20th – March 24th

Religion –   Station of the Cross Activities

Reading-   Story: Navajo Code Talkers     Test on Thursday

                    Skills:  Sequence; Important Ideas

               Vocab:  advance, developed, exhausting, headquarters, impossible, intense, messages, reveal

English–   Continue Chapter 5: Verbs    Lessons 5.6-5.11

   **Principal Parts of Verbs (Present, Present Participle, Past, Past Participle)

                     **Irregular Verbs               **Simple Past, Present, and Future Tenses

Spelling-   Digraph /sh/      Test on Friday

nation, special, lotion, mansion, precious, creation, vacation, tension, especially, motion, tradition, gracious, extension, addition, caution, official, solution, suspension, politician, portion

Math– Investigation #9 & Lessons 91 – 94

     **Decimal Place Value                  **Classifying Quadrilaterals         **Two-Step Word Problems

     **Estimating Multiplication and Division Answers                 

Social Studies – Begin West Virginia History –  Chapter 1

Science-  Test on Ecology Part 2 on Tuesday

Begin Our Physics Unit

**Describe Energy

**Describing Kinetic Energy and Comparing Kinetic Energy of Objects



Book Fair Week **Students may bring money and shop during their Reading Center time.

Mon. March 20th – Dress Down Day 1st Day of Spring  (No Shorts Until After Spring Break)

Wed., March 22nd – Pizza Lunch in the Classroom for 4th (Pack a lunch if you do not want pizza)

Fri. March 24th– Report Cards Go Home