4th Grade

March 13th – 17th

4th Grade News

March 13th – 17th


Religion –  Chapter 17:  The Sixth Commandment 


Reading – Story:  Lost City: The Discovery of Machu Picchu              Test on Thursday

                   Skill:  Compare and Contrast;  Visualize

                   Vocab:  curiosity, glorious, granite, ruins, terraced, thickets, torrent


English – Lessons 5.5 – 5.6             Test on 5.1 – 5.5  Friday

                    **Helping Verbs                  **Verb Phrases


Spelling –  Words with Double Consonants    Test on Friday

tomorrow, borrow, different, rabbit, matter, written, bottle, ridden, odd, bubble, offer, suffer, slippers, grasshopper, worry, current, lettuce, saddle,  shudder, hobby


Math– Lessons 89-91           Test on Thursday

**Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions     **Multiplying Two 2-Digit #’s (Part 2)

**Investigation #9:  Investigation Fractions with Manipulatives


Science –  Endangered Animal Projects due on Monday 3/13

Complete Our Ecology Unit   ** Oral reports will be given Wed. – Friday


Social Studies-  Finish Chapter 12:  The West    Open Book/Notes Test on Tuesday

**States and Capitals Test on Friday  The West

                             Begin mini-unit on Ireland



Thurs., March 16th – DEAR (Drop Everything and Read)  We will be reading around the room so have a great book on hand.

Fri., March 17th – St. Patrick’s – Day  Dress Down Day

4B Mass


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March 6th – March 10th

4th Grade News

March 6th – March 10

Religion –  Chapter 16:  The Fifth Commandment

Social Studies – Chapter 12: The West      Note: States and Capitals Test: March 17th

Reading –    Test on Thursday

            Story:  Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Slippery Salamander

            Skills:  Character and Plot,  Synonyms and Antonyms

            Vocab:  amphibians, crime, exhibit, lizards, reference, reptiles, salamanders, stumped

English – Begin Chapter 5:  Verbs

            **Action Verbs              **Being Verbs  & Linking Verbs

            ** Helping Verbs

Spelling – Prefixes un-, dis, and in-    Test on Friday

distrust, uncertain, incomplete, unlikely, unfair, discontinue, unaware, disorder, discount, indirect, unopened, disrespect, unimportant, unlisted, disrepair, inability, disapprove, unsolved, disobey, unsuspecting

Math – Lessons 86-88            Test Tuesday

**Multiplying Multiples of 10 and 100                     **Remainders in Word Problems About Equal Groups

**Multiplying Two 2-Digit Numbers

Science – Continue Our Ecology Unit 

Note: Endangered Animal Report and Poster Due on March 13th

**Describing Physical and Behavioral Adaptations of Plants, Predators, and Prey

**Identifying How an Adaptation Benefits an Animal


Wed., March 8th –  Dress Down Day

Fri., March 10th –  Visit by Author – Anna Smucker





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February 27th – March 3rd

4th Grade News

February 27th – March 3rd

Religion – Chapter  15:  The Fourth Commandment

Reading – Complete “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing”     Vocab and Comprehension Test on Thursday

English – Complete Adjectives: Part 2  Lessons 4.6-4.11     Test on Thursday

Spelling – Compound Words

watermelon, homemade, understand, sometimes, shoelace, highway, upstairs, thunderstorm, shortcut, doorbell, jellyfish, touchdown, campfire, skateboard, anyway, fireworks, haircut, loudspeaker, laptop, flashlight

Math –  Lessons 81-85

**Angle Measures                 **Tessellations                            **Sales Tax

**Decimal Numbers to Thousands             **Multiplying by 10, 100, and 1000

Social Studies –   Chapter 10 Test Wed.  

**Begin Chapter 12:  The West

**States and Capitals:  The West  Test March 17th


Thurs., March 2nd– Dr. Seuss Day Dress Down  (See e-mail from Mrs. Davis for guidelines)

** DEAR(Drop Everything and Read)


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February 20th – February 24th

4th Grade News

February 20th – February 24th


Religion-  Parts of Mass Test on Wed.

                   Begin Chapter 20: Lent


Reading –  We will be reading “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.”  by Judy Blume

Vocab and Comprehension Test on Friday


English- Continue working on Adjectives and Poetry

**Fewer, Fewest; Less, Least                 **Position of the Adjective(Subject or Subject Complement)


Spelling–      Test on Friday

pineapple, beckoned, announce, brilliant, certainly, commercial, committee, pretend, hesitate, dictionary, adorable, appointment, embarrassed, because, pollution, surrounded, funnier,  probably, children, absolutely


Math– Lesson 80       Test on Thursday

**Division with Zeros in 3-Digit Answers

**Investigation #8  Analyzing and Graphing Information


Science-     Test on Ecology: Part 1 on Thursday

**Begin Studying Inherited Physical Characteristics of Plants and Animals


Social Studies– Begin Chapter 10:  The Southwest

Reminders & Notes

Mon., Feb. 20th – No School-Presidents’ Day

Tues., Feb. 21st – Mardi Gras & Dress Down Day (Mardi Gras Colors)

Wed., Feb. 22nd – Ash Wednesday Mass

**It is that time of year again.  A few of our classroom supplies are running low.  We are in need of glue sticks at this time and will let you know when other needs arise.

**Check with your child if their folders are still in good condition(English, SS, and Science).  If not, it may be time to replace them.  Also, ask them if they are in need of a highlighter or scissors.

**Mechanical pencils are no longer permitted to be used in school.  They will be sent home this week.  Please send in regular #2 pencils to school with your child for the remainder of the year.  Thank you!





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February 13th – February 17th

4th Grade News

February 13th – February 17th


Religion – Parts of Mass                          Quiz Feb. 15th


Reading – Story: Paul Bunyan                Test on Thursday 

                   Skill: Generalizations & Inferring

                   Vocab:  announcement, requirements, feature, thaw, harness, unnatural, lumberjacks,                                           untamed


English-  Finish Poetry; Adjectives

**Couplets, Quatrains, and Free Verse  (Review of Haiku and Cinquain)

**Adjectives as Subject Complements(Review)          **Adjectives that Compare

**Irregular Adjectives that Compare                             **More, Most; Fewer, Fewest;  Less, Least


Spelling:  Possessives             Test on Friday

its, ours, mine, yours, family’s, families’, man’s, men’s, girl’s, girls’, hers, theirs, brother’s, brothers’, teacher’s, teachers’, aunt’s, aunts’, boy’s, boys’


Math:  Lessons 76 – 79           Test on Tuesday

**Division with 3-Digit Answers               **Mass and Weight

**Classifying Triangles                                 **Symmetry

Science:  Continue Our Ecology Unit

**Producers and Consumers in a Food Chain            **Describe Food Webs & Food Webs in a Food Web

**Describing Symbiotic Relationships between Organisms


Social Studies:                   Southwest States/Capitals Test  on Tuesday

Begin Chapter 12- The Southwest


Monday-  Regular Uniforms – Valentine’s Day Party    Bring all your Valentine’s

Tuesday- Valentine’s Day Dress Down 

Wednesday – Students eat in Classroom – Chick-Fil-A  provided or Pack a Lunch

Friday- 4A has Mass


February 13th – February 17th2023-02-10T16:10:06-05:00

February 6th – February 10th

4th Grade News

February 6th – February 10th


Religion – Chapter 12:  Strengthened by the Eucharist       Open Book Test on Friday


Reading:  Story:  How Night Came from the Sea                  Test on Thursday

                   Skills:  Generalizations & Visualize

                   Vocab:  brilliant, chorus, coward, gleamed, shimmering


English:   Test on Adjectives (Part 1)Lessons 4.1-4.6 on Tuesday

                   Lessons 4.7 – 4.8  **Adjectives that Compare


Spelling:  Vowel Sound in “shout”

however, mountain, mound, scout, shout, couch, towel, ounce, coward, outdoors, flowerpot, scowl, browse, announce, hound, trout, drowsy, grouch, eyebrow, boundary


Math:  Lessons 71-75

**Division Answers Ending in Zero        **Finding Information to Solve Problems

**Geometric Transformations                  **Fraction of a Set                     **Measuring Turns


Social Studies:  Chapter 8:  The Midwest               Test on Friday


Science: Begin Our Unit on Ecosystems

**Identifying Characteristics of Ecosystems                   **Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers

**Identifying Producers and Consumers in a Food Chain


Mon., Feb. 6th – Please bring in an empty cereal box to school to decorate for our Valentine                                                     exchange.  Boxes are due Wednesday, Feb. 8th.  

February 6th – February 10th2023-02-03T15:53:47-05:00

January 30th – February 3rd

4th Grade News

January 30th – February 3rd

Religion – Catholic Schools’ Week Activities

Reading – Story: Adelina’s Whales     Test on Thursday

                   Skill:  Fact and Opinion

Vocab:  biologist, lagoon, rumbling, bluff, massive, tropical

English -Continue Chapter 4 – Adjectives

                **Adjectives as Subject Compliment

                In-class Writing Assignment – Persuasive Essay

Spelling– Homophones

two, to, too, piece, peace, break, brake, there, their, they’re, threw, through, by, bye, beat, beet, thrown, throne, aloud, allowed


Math- Lessons 68-71   Test on Thursday

            **Division with 2-Digit Answers and a Remainder     **Millimeters     

            **Word Problems About a Fraction of a Group           **Investigation #7: Taking Surveys

Social Studies-  Midwest States and Capitals Test on Tuesday

            Continue studying Chapter 8

Science- Complete our Zoology Unit     Test on Zoology Part 2  on Wednesday

**Invertebrate Research Projects Due on Monday

     **Begin our Ecology Unit: Examining Ecosystems


Mon., Jan. 30th- 100th Day of School Celebration!!  4th Graders will dress up as a Centurian, wear a special T-shirt, or                                  bring 100 of something in.  This is optional.  Students may dress down as well.

                                Pennies for People begins.  

Tues., Jan. 31st – Students wear Regular Uniforms

                                  Open House for Prospective Families  6:00 – 7:00

Wed., Feb. 1st – Dress Down Day! – Dress for the job that you would like to have.

Thurs., Feb. 2nd– Dress Down Day!

         1:45-2:15 – Fourth Grade leads the school in the Luminous Mysteries with the Living Rosary

     **Fourth Grade Parents only may attend this event.  Students may go home with parents following           the Rosary.

Fri., Feb. 3rd– All Students Wear Gym Uniforms

                          **Students may bring a Board Game (No Electronic Games)

**Information will follow Catholic Schools’ Week regarding our Valentine Exchange.



January 30th – February 3rd2023-01-27T16:55:40-05:00

January 23rd – January 27th

4th Grade Newsletter

January 23rd – January 27th

Religion – Chapter 11: The Third Commandment       Open Book Test on Friday

Reading – Story:  The Man Who Named the Clouds        Test on Thursday

                   Skills:  Graphic Sources

                   Vocabulary:  apprentice, atmosphere, chemical, club, essay, manufacturing, pressure, scales

English –  Continue Chapter 4: Adjectives

          **Article Adjectives(a, an, the)          **Demonstrative Adjectives(this, that, these, those)

         **Adjectives that tell how many (nine, several….)          

Math – Lessons 64-67                 Test on Wednesday

         **Division          **Similar and Congruent          **Multiplying by Multiples of 10

Spelling –            Test on Friday

watched, watching, danced, dancing, studied, studying,  stopped, stopping, dried, drying, happened, happening, noticed, noticing, robbed, robbing, slipped, slipping, hurried, hurrying

Social Studies – Continue Chapter 8: The Midwest

**Reminder: Midwest States & Capitals test is on Jan. 31st

Science – Complete our Zoology Unit     

  Invertebrate Research Paper Due on Monday 1/30  – Students will get the paper on Mon.       

     **Classifying Animals According to What They Eat

     **Describing How Animals Get Energy


Mon., Jan. 23rd- 4B MAP Testing

Wed., Jan. 25th – 4th Grade Eats in Classroom (Pack a lunch from home.  Please, No Microwaveable Foods)

Fri., Jan. 27th – Popcorn Day – Free 



January 23rd – January 27th2023-01-20T15:50:09-05:00

January 16th – January 20th

4th Grade Newsletter

January 16th – January 20th

Religion–  Continue Chapter 10: 2nd Commandment

Reading– No Reading Story    No Test This Week

                **Students will be reading a book of their choosing.  There will be in-class activities surrounding their book.

English–  Begin Chapter 4: Adjectives

Spelling – No Test This Week 

                **We will continue to study the Midwest states and capitals.

Math– Lessons 63 – 65  No Test This Week

               **Polygons     **Division with 2-Digit Answers

Social Studies– Begin “The Midwest”

Science–  Continue Our Zoology Unit    No Test This Week

              **Identify Characteristics of Arachnids & Other Arthropods

             **  Classifying Animals According to What They Eat


Mon., Jan. 16th – No School: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Tues., Jan. 17th – E-Day for Students/Teacher In-service: Complete E-day Packets/Scholastic News for Wed.

Wed., Jan. 18th – MAP Testing Tomorrow 4A 

Thurs., Jan. 19th – MAP Testing for 4A

Fri., Jan. 20th – MAP Testing for 4A and 4B



January 16th – January 20th2023-01-18T10:42:24-05:00

January 9th – January 13th

4th Grade News

January 9th – January 13th

Religion – Chapter 10:  The 2nd Commandment

                       Open Book Test on Friday

Reading:  We will be finishing our Ivan Novel this week

                       Bag-A-Book Oral Presentations Due on Wednesday

                       Ivan End-of-Book Test on Friday – Students will receive a study guide on Monday

English – Lessons 3.10 and 3.11     

                     **Using the Pronouns I, Me, We, and Us

                     **Pronouns vs. Contractions

                      Test on Lessons 3.7-3.11 on Thursday

Spelling – Midwest States and Capitals       Practice Test on Friday

Bismarck, North Dakota   Pierre, South Dakota       Lincoln, Nebraska

Topeka Kansas                    St. Paul, Minnesota         Des Moines, Iowa

Jefferson City, Missouri    Madison, Wisconsin        Springfield, Illinois

Lansing, Michigan              Indianapolis, Indiana      Columbus, Ohio

Math– Lessons 60-62   Test on Tuesday

     **Rate Problems with a given Total           **Remaining Fractions Two Step Equations

     **Multiplying 3 or More Factors                 **Exponents

Investigation #6:  Displaying Data Using Graphs

Social Studies-  Chapter 6 Test on Wednesday

     **Begin Chapter 8:  The Midwest

Science- Continue Our Zoology Unit

     **Identifying Characteristics of Arthropods (Insects, arachnids, and other arthropods)

     **Describing the Metamorphosis of Insects

     **Observing the Larva of an Insect


Wednesday, Jan. 11th – Dress Down Day

Friday, Jan. 13th – End of the 2nd 9 weeks




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